Sorry, I debugged it myself.

Don't add extra whitespace lines after you jump out of PHP mode (for 
instance, at the end of an include file, don't have any extra lines 
after the '?> PHP-jump-out mark'.  The extra lines at the bottom of the 
functions include file was being interpreted as the end of the headers.  
(Man that book on HTTP I was reading at the library came in handy! Perl 
Web Client Programming or something)

It isn't truly HTML since it isn't between the <html> and </html> tags, 
but it gets sent along as blank lines in the HTML document.

That's my theory , anyway.


On Tuesday, February 12, 2002, at 08:50  PM, Erik Price wrote:

> I've run into a problem:
> At the top of each page in my site I have a couple of include files.  
> They handle simple things, really -- a session_start() in one of them, 
> as well as a check for a session variable to make sure that the user is 
> logged in.  In another one, I have my database connection parameters.  
> Yet another include file contains my functions.  They are all actually 
> included into one central include file called "", and this 
> file is included at the top of each page in my site.
> None of these output any HTML at this point -- they only do 
> behind-the-scenes PHP work and preparation for the page about to be 
> displayed below.
> Nonetheless, I have a "header('Location: n')" function just under the 
> include("./") function, and it refuses to work.  The error 
> message says that the headers have already been sent, at line 109 of my 
> functions includefile.  This in itself is strange, because the last 
> line of the functions includefile that has any instructions on it is 
> 103, the next six lines are just empty whitespace.
> I would think that my header() function would work, because I haven't 
> outputted any HTML yet (such as the <html> tag or the DOCTYPE).  I 
> haven't outputted any text at all.  But the header() doesn't work, 
> because it seems to think that the headers have already been sent.
> At what point in the HTTP exchange do the "headers" finish being sent?  
> Is there a timeout, or a certain line, or what?  I thought that it was 
> a blank line, but since I haven't outputted any text, I am not sure how 
> that's possible.
> Erik


Erik Price
Web Developer Temp
Media Lab, H.H. Brown
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