> > The error message might be useful, but in any case I think
> > you need to enclose the source filename in quotes; also (you
> > better check the docs here) if I remember correctly you need
> > to give the full path to the source file unless it is in the
> > mysql data directory.
> That's right, it needs to be quoted AND have the full path
> (and be readable to the MySQL server daemon process thingy)

Further to David's comment - the "mysql data directory" (without pathname) is the 
database's own directory (cf
the directory of databases - if that makes any sense)  - and any relative pathnames 
(obviously) lead on from
there, so full pathnames are not necessarily necessary.

Also, when I did an import last night:
1 it was not necessary to escape the double quote field delimiters (it is within 
single quotes)
2 because of the vagaries of Windows boxes, it was necessary to ensure the record 
terminators were treated
consistently - either build the export file with only LF or instruct MySQL to use CRLF 
(as Jason put it to "be
readable to the MySQL server daemon process thingy")


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