The answer that I have come to understand is that sessions are more secure
than cookies in as that the information is stored on the server side instead
of the client side.  This way it is harder to steal, alter or intercept.
The other reason is that users can even reject cookies, thus disallowing
content monitoring or dynamic changes.

Cookies can only pass sorts of data through to the user, as well, so there
is no chance of a virus being passed.  There may be a remote chance that
someone figures out how to do it, but they still could not execute anything
from the users drive anyhow, so the possibility of actually transmitting is
pretty minute.  There is a strict set of rules as to what is sent inside a
cookie, and, while I am still learning, I dont think files are included in
that. =)


"The paranoids are watching you"

"Ryan F. Bayhonan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
We had a discussion this morning in our office on the differences between
cookie and session.

I just would like to ask the body if your could enlighten me more on this.

And another thing, can cookie be a carrier of some virus across the



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