Ok the thing is I’m getting the information from a mysql db and it is
being fetched by a Flash app and then it is used to 
print out the info in a fancy way.
I am trying to url encode special Icelandic charaters such as (“ţ” ASCII
0222 or  the Latin Letter “Thorn”) if you are able to see it but it
should be printed out as 
%80 or %81 dependes on upper or lowercase, but it is printed out as
“%DE” but not as before sayd %80 or numerical value, somhow the mac
skrews those letters up so I would really like to hear from some one who
knows how to fix this problem. Here below is my code:
$query = "select * from dominews order by id desc LIMIT 0,5";
$result = mysql_query($query, $db);
$i = 0;
while($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)){
            $title = rawurlencode($row[1]);
            $date = rawurlencode($row[2]);
            $headline = rawurlencode($row[3]);
            $full = rawurlencode($row[4]);
$title, $date, $headline, $full);
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