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You're returning $current_page_name.

$current_page_name is set to the return value for array_slice.

And array_slice returns an array.

So, $current_page_name will be an array.

So, you'll always return an array.

I think what you're trying to do is return one particular element out of the
array.  If that's the case, just use something like:

return $current_page_name[-1]

to return the last element in the array.

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From: Erik Price [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 2:56 PM
Subject: [PHP] how a function 'return' statement works

Can anyone give my puny mind an explanation as to why the following 
function only returns the value "Array" ?

# ===============================================================
# get_current_page_name()
# ---------------------------------------------------------------
# Returns the current document
#  Arguments
# -----------
# no arguments
# ===============================================================

function get_current_page_name()
    $current_page_name = explode("/", $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);
    $current_page_name = array_slice($current_page_name, -1);
    return $current_page_name;

(I know this does the same thing as 'basename("$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])', I 
just want to understand something a bit more fundamental to the way 
functions work)




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