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> Actually, I don't really know what to put in it. I thought that's what it
> wanted. What does it want?
> "David Robley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
> > Well, I did this:
> >
> > [mail function]
> > SMTP    =
> > sendmail_form    =    [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> > < I left unchanged...>
> >
> > Still doesn't work. :(
> >
> > BTW I'm using Windows at the moment to develop.
> >
> That SMTP value looks a bit suspicious?? Are you sure that is correct?
> --
> David Robley
> Temporary Kiwi!

Well, hard to say exactly as I don't know how you are set up. Let's take 
a guess or two. It seems you have a domain called and that 
this is from whence you propose to use this script. What is the machine 
that handles mail for That is probably what you need to 
use as the SMTP server. You might have to ask whoever hosts, or if you have access to a *nix box try using host or dig 
to see if you can find out.

David Robley
Temporary Kiwi!

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