Thanks. I follow the manual. I changed my php.ini:  
upload_tmp_dir = '/home/web/'
which is writable by web (the user running apache/php) and restart apache.

However, after I upload the file, I can't find it. When I do 
print_r($HTTP_POST_FILE), here is what I got:

Array ( [userfile] => Array ( [name] => timecard.png [type] => image/png 
[tmp_name] => none [size] => 0 ) )

You see that [tmp_name] is none (whatever that means), and size is zero. 
why is that? 
The webserver and the browser is on local LAN, and there is no firewall.

Thanks for any help.
Reuben D. Budiardja

On Wednesday 13 February 2002 08:38 pm, Lars Torben Wilson wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-02-13 at 17:38, Reuben D Budiardja wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Does anyone know how to upload file using Web Browser as the interface?
> >

> An excellent starting point is the manual section on this topic:
> It is fully explained there, with examples.
> Hope this helps,
> Torben

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