Ello all!


Ok, I'm over it.  Now...
Does anyone know how to set up MySQL, or phpMyAdmin to restrict users to a
single database?  For instance, the user JoeBlow...
Joe has a database called JB, I want him to have full access to it and
nothing else.  How would I go about doing this?  I'd also like him to have
access to it via PHP, so he can write his own PHP script that'll let him
manipulate his database.  I just need to lock him out of averything else.

And also...
How do I go about securing PHP functions.  For example, at the moment Joe
can upload a PHP script that deletes /etc/named.conf.  NOT GOOD!
Is there some options you can parse to PHP at compile tim that will
deactivate these features, or maybe some other way I can give users full
access to all of the PHP functions, but they're restricted to their home

Thanks for your help!

  -  Liam

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