I would just like to see how people are handling long running PHP 
scripts.  I have been using a page in the middle that says "please wait" 
and then using a META tag that forwards the user on to the intended page. 
This has been working well up until now.  I now have a page that is 
posting an array on to the next page. The array can have as many 1500 
elements pulled from a database.  It works fine when I post directly to 
destination page. The problem is that the query can take up to 2 minutes 
and the I am not giving the user any indication as to what is going on.  I 
can't figure out how to pass the array on to the destination page with a 
forward page in the middle.  I have used hidden values for this in the 
past but 1500 hiddens seems schlocky.  I am now looking into a possilbe 
other method for letting the users know it will be a minute with the 
middle forward page. I have found a few javascript loading functions but 
have not been able to implement them successfully.

Please E-mail directly if you are using a more elegant solution.

Thanx in advance,

PHP is better then Elvis


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