Hi Jan

> I have an array called $myarray and now I want to store it in a mysql table.
> I tried to just, insert into mytable values('$id', '$myarray') but just got
> Array when I run
> while ($row = mysql_fetch_array ($result))
> $myarray= $row[myarray];
> echo $myarray
> --
> Do I need to first make a string commaseparated or like and than insert that
> string?

It depends...
but don't worry, this is a fairly common assumption, so we can quickly sort it out for 
you. First some

Do you want to fit the elements of the array into successive columns across a single 
row of the MySQL table, or
do you want each of the array elements to be stored into separate rows in the table?

Are we talking about a one dimensional array, two, or more?

What is the MySQL table schema?

Please advise,

PS are you aware that there is another PHP discussion list [PHP-DB]?

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