>   I have a quick MySQL question...if this is not the correct forum for
> it, then someone please point me to the right one.
>   Can the UPDATE statement have conditional check embedded in it?  I
> have a page that displays a record (in a FORM format) that the user can
> change the information on each column.  I want to check each column and
> see which has been changed and update the table for entries that were
> changed only.
> for each column data {
>   if column is changed
>       then update;
>   else
>       do nothing;
> }
> Maybe I am making this too complicated than it needs and just go ahead
> and update all of the columns regardless with the new values, regardless
> they are actually different or not.

There is a MySQL list, and a separate PHP-DB list.

UPDATE is 'intelligent', it will only modify the row if there is something to change.


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