This is not a big thing.
But I am looking at this thinking there is a way to make the code take up 
even less lines.
Just want to stick this in my cap for future reference.

for($i=01;$i<=50;$i++)  {
         if (!empty($content))   {
                 if ($row[$content]==$states[$i])
                         echo "<option value=\"$states[$i]\" 
                         echo "<option value=\"$states[$i]\">$nstates[$i]\n";
         else    {
                 if ($dstate == $states[$i])
                         echo "<option value=\"$states[$i]\" 
                         echo "<option value=\"$states[$i]\">$nstates[$i]\n";

Basically I want to check for two possible conditions to make an item selected.
If the first one is valid then do not check for the other.

Get what I mean?
Any expert programmers out there with the way to chop this even further?



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