i'm working on content management sytem entirely written in Object oriented PHP using 
i used output buffering to be able to send header calls in the middle of my classes
i have noticed that performance has become "random" meaning that the same script could 
take from 1 up to 30 seconds in the same conditions, passing 
exactly the same parms. 

while trying to find a solution, i removed the ob_end_flush() call while keeping the 
ob_start() call at the beginning of the script
and strangely speed of execution came back to normal.

output buffering is still on
i am not flushing it out
the pages are generated just fine without freeing the buffer ??!!!!

i would like to know if anyone has had similr experiences with output buffering
this behaviour occured on a windows and a linux box both with php 4.1.1 and pretty 
much the same php.ini settings


Hassan El Forkani
http://WarmAfrica.com EveryOne's Africa

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