hi all,

I need some tips on database (mySQL) design.
The problems lie in languages. I'm gonna make a e-commerce webiste. it's
rather big (in my terms/experience). The website should be expandible easily
with regard to languages/translations.

My biggest table with product descriptions has 43 columns. Other tables
include a list of FAQ's, manufacturers and so on.

What do you think I have to do? Make a new table for each language, or
define more columns for each language within a table? What is normal in
this, also with regard to doing queries?

e.g. In the table with 43 columns, there are 11 columns which are the same
for each language (product name, manufacturer and so on) The other columns
will depend on language (like product description).
--If I use a seperate table for each language than there is double info (no
normalization with regard to the 11 columns)
--If I use more columns, than I have 32 columns extra per language. If I
make 10 translations, then this table will reach over 10x32=320 columns.

I need somebody who can give me overall info on this, or shine a broad light
on my Q. Does the db design has a large influence on flexibility with regard
to future expanding? And how about query times (response) on a server. I
don't want it to get too slow....

Well I think, you know my point now,

any info is much appreciated!!

thx in advance,

Wilbert Enserink

Pas de Deux 
Van Mierisstraat 25 
2526 NM Den Haag 
tel 070 4450855 
fax 070 4450852 

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