> I got the problem , I want make preety debug function that shows array keys
> and values and name of the variable containing array:
> Here it is:
> function show_arr($array)
> //wyswietla wartosci z tablicy wraz z kluczami (przeznaczone do debugowania)
> {
> if(DABUG)
> {
> echo "<b>-------------------------------------------</b><br>";
> echo "Array contents<b>".strval($array)."</b><br>";
> while(list($k,$v)=each($array))
> {
> echo "$k = $v<br>";
> }
> echo "<b>-------------------------------------------</b>";
> }
> }
> unfortunatly strval want work with arrays...
> Any possible solution how to get name of the array variable?

This doesn't solve the strval problem, but in my debug output I wasn't so interested 
in the array's name, as in
the meaning/status of the data it contained. Here is an equivalent approach (- the 
idea of nesting the two
functions was the subject of a conversation with Torben here, a few days back):

Function ShowList( $title, $aList )
// Debug output routine to echo an array/list to the screen
//    requires a documentary name for the list as $title
//    requires the array to be listed as $aList
//  NB co-requisite FnShowListItem
 echo "<br>Listing array=$title: n=" . count( $aList );
 array_walk( $aList, "FnShowListItem" );
Function FnShowListItem( $item, $key ) { echo "<br>$key=" . $item . "~"; }
//end of function ShowList

In the main routine make a call something like:
if ( DEBUG ) ShowList( "Prefixed", $aURLs );

Please feel free to translate it into Polish.

I haven't tried to time/test, but I figured that the array_walk() would be more 
efficient than writing an
(interpreted) PHP loop to run through the entire array/list, even with the function 

Perhaps someone can confirm/refute that?


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