On Friday, February 15, 2002, at 04:53  AM, Lars Torben Wilson wrote:

> The problem with that is that you have a time lag (perhaps only
> in microseconds, but it still is a problem) while you're writing
> the new data to the file. If some other process--say, another
> invocation of the same script--tries to read from that file while
> you're still overwriting it--you've got problems, since it'll find
> only a partially-written file.
> That's called a 'race condition'. The other method avoids that,
> since while you're writing data to the temp file, processes just
> keep using the original. Once you're done, the rename happens
> atomically, preventing the race condition.

What method do you use to get rid of the temporary file once you've used 
it?  It appears, from reading the man page, that the file is still 
present in the directory specified in tempname().

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