Dear Kunal,

I don't know of any papers... I'd be interested in what you find.

In my experience, 'modular coding' is entirely a process of evolution. 
It's impossible to sit down and design software on paper. Every piece of 
code I write is under constant evaluation. Each time a weakness is 
exposed, I rethink my strategy. Often there is no 'perfect' solution, 
since each presents a different set of compromises. Devoting yourself to 
endlessly rewriting and structuring your code will, in the long term, 
yield better code than anyone can advise in a book or paper.

Over modulation of code has drawbacks too. Sometimes the simple solution 
is the one to use, even if it means rewriting the same thing every once 
in a while. When people start creating classes and polymorphic 
interfaces to their code needlessly, performance is compromised.

Perhaps what you are looking for is also a reference for good 
programming practice. For C++, I really liked the books by Scott Meyers: 
'Effective C++', first and second edition. Here he sets out some 
fundamental 'guidelines' for coding. You may like to check it out, even 
thought it doesn't apply to PHP directly.

Of what it's worth, that's my two cents :) I'd be interested in what 
others think on this matter.

Steven J. Walker
Walker Effects

On Friday, February 15, 2002, at 08:24  PM, Kunal Jhunjhunwala wrote:

> hey,
> does anyone know of any good papers on modular programing? I have been 
> able
> to make my code modular, but I am not satisfied with it. I am trying to 
> make
> my program work the "plug in" way.. where i can just add more modules 
> on the
> fly... any tips? :)
> Regards,
> Kunal Jhunjhunwala
> "Minds think with ideas, not information. No amount of data, bandwidth, 
> or
> processing power can substitute for inspired thought." - Clifford Stoll
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