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>"Is currently anyway of doing scheduled tasks with PHP (without using 
>crontab)? "
>"What's wrong with using cron?"
>I'm building an OSS  site where the PostgreSQL data base maintenance, 
>email sending, stats gathering, number crunching and graph plotting needs 
>to be automated. My target audience will need things as simple as 
>possible. I am under the impression that it would be a hassle and cost 
>more to get a web host to install a cron script for Postgres. (Or have php 
>as an executable binary instead of shared object.)

If the web host gives you access to a shell account then you could setup 
the wouldn't need them to do it.  You could build a copy of 
PHP as an executable in your home directory and run it from there, no need 
to get the host to do it.

Or there are a few ways that you could schedule the task remotely...use a 
cron job from another server that either runs the PHP script locally, 
connecting to the SQL database remotely, or you can use a cron job and lynx 
to call a remote PHP page that will run your script.  Of course, this 
requires your script to be in your web servers directory tree, but if 
security is a concern you could always setup a .htaccess file to challenge 
for credentials then use the "-auth" switch to lynx in your remote 
script.  It's not the most secure thing in the world, but it's better than 

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