email me if you dont understand something about my question. I read it back
to myself, and it all sounds so complicated!

"Georgie Casey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Rite, a user logs in at http://localhost/employers/login.php and PHP sets
> cookie, eusername, that has his username, funnily enough.
> then he clicks on to the /employers/search.php, submits his query and
> on the page of http://localhost/freelancers/some_guy/index.php
> When I have a bit of PHP code at the top of /some_guy/index.php that check
> if an employer is looking at this site.
> <?
> if ($eusername <> ""){
>     do this;
> }
> ?>
> But PHP keeps telling me that eusername IS equal to "" and no employer is
> logged in, when they're definately is. WHY?? Has it something to do with
> scope of cookies?? Because when I check if eusername exists in a page in
> employers directory, it works fine.

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