Hi guys,

I am not sure if this is possible. Not on my knowledge, but maybe someone is
smarter than I am :-)

I want to pass an icon to a function. Therefore I am putting all the html
into a var called icon.
Inside this html their is another variable with an array which value is set
inside the function.

How can I pass this html thing and ensure that the variable is gonna be set?
Take a look at the code underneath.
Like that it is just printing out $picture_id[$i]

  $icon_1 = " <a href=\"index.php?fuseaction=edit&action=delete&id=%s\"
      onclick=\"return confirm('Are you sure you want to delete picture no:
      <img src=\"../app_global/pics/delete.gif\" width=20 height=20 border=0

Can anybody help on this?

Thanx for any help

Cheers Andy

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