I have a php user authorise script.

I have 2 fields in a mysql database. user_name and user_password. Password
is encrypted with the mysql password('$password') function.

This is my PHP authorise section of the script.

$sql_authorisation = "SELECT * FROM account_details WHERE
account_name='$login_username' AND
$sql_authorisation_result = mysql_query($sql_authorisation);

if (!$sql_authorisation_result) {
        error("A Database Error Occurred while trying to authorise login details");

if (mysql_num_rows($sql_authorisation_result) == 0) {

<TITLE> Access Denied </TITLE>
<H1> Access Denied </H1>
<P> Your user ID and Password could not be verified. This could be an
incorrect username or password, or you are not a registered user on this
site. Try logging in again checking your details, or enter the signup
process to join us</P>



This script does NOT work.

However if I change the sql function $sql_authorisation to

$sql_authorisation = "SELECT * FROM account_details WHERE
account_name='$login_username' );

so that is only selects the username - it works. there for there is a
problem with me selecting and comparing the password'd user_password.

Any suggestions.



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