I am very new at this and am having trouble migrating to php and mysql from
a different system (WebCatalog).

I want to start dumping files to text and let php use them to populate mysql
on the fly as I start migrating.


$db  = mysql_pconnect("host", "user", "pass");
$query = "insert into catalogwinetmp values
$result = mysql_query($query);


The contents of "testsql" look like this

(19, 38080, 'Senejac', 'Haut-Medoc / Cru Bourgeois', '', 12, 1995, 'Bottle -
.75L', 'LN, LE, CI', 135, '/collectors/images/bottles/38080.JPG'),
(20, 38780, 'Yquem', 'Sauternes / Premier Cru Superieur', '', 1, 1927,
'Bottle - .75L', 'TS, LP, CI', 465, '/collectors/images/bottles/38780.JPG');

Just with more lines (1-18).

But I can not get rid of errors in the
$query = "insert into catalogwinetmp values
No matter what quotes and semi-colons I put in testsql or in this script.

If I try to set the contents of the include into a variable as in:

$rowsToAdd = include(testsql);

all I get is the value 1, I guess this is because it is successful.

If I could get a variable to contain the contents of the include I am not
sure if I could use it in the script.

I am not sure if I am even getting warm or if I am on another planet.

1. Any ideas how I can simply make php get a text file into the mysql

2. Is there a way to set a (albeit maybe large) variable with the contents
of an include file?

Sorry to sound like such a php newbie, but I am.

Kind thanks,


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