To have a secure HTTP session, you must be communicating with a secure web
server. This is apache. It has nothing to do with PHP or Linux.

You classmate was right. The only difference for SSL is that you use https
instead of http. To find out if your server can communicate using SSL, try
it. If you try to access a web page using https and the server is not a
secure server, you will get an error message. Page connot be displayed.

If you are using Apache and you installed it yourself, if you did not do
extra stuff to make it SSL, then it is not. For more info, go to main apache
web site,, and follow links to apache-ssl and mod_ssl.


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> I heard from my coursemates it's just typing https:// instead of http://.
> 1) To enable secure http (SSL) session, what extensions should I install?
> which one: Apache or PHP or Linux?
> 2) How do I know if my Apache and/or Linux and/or PHP support SSL?
> Thanx
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