Hi, Look into mod_rewrite with Apache.

We use it to capture www.univo.biz/yourname and display a page about you.

However, my experience is very limited.  I would imagine you could figure 
it out though.

-Jason Garber

At 09:47 AM 2/18/2002 +0000, Adrian Murphy wrote:
>I'd like to implement a system whereby people have a subdomain on my site 
>like so:
>I've been reading the apache docs that say you can do this via virtual hosts.
>Can I do it so 'yourname' can be anything - where all requests are sent
>to the same page where i can parse the uri and query a db based on 'yourname'.
>any reason why my isp might be reluctant to do this.I'm presuming I can't
>do it via .htaccess?
>as a side note what are the affects of this kind of redirection as far as 
>search engines
>go.I've heard that doing this kind of thing on a 404 page is a bad idea.

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