Found this article and need the experts to consult on the statement "avoid
the session mechanism".  Is this a true problem?  And what should we do if
we cannot have a dedicated server to ourselves?

Avoid the session mechanism. The ``session'' mechanism is handy for storing
persistent data, but its current implementation has many problems. First, by
default sessions store information in temporary files - so if you're on a
multi-hosted system, you open yourself up to many attacks and revelations.
Even those who aren't currently multi-hosted may find themselves
multi-hosted later! You can "tie" this information into a database instead
of the filesystem, but if others on a multi-hosted database can access that
database with the same permissions, the problem is the same. There are also
ambiguities if you're not careful (``is this the session value or an
attacker's value''?) and this is another case where an attacker can force a
file or key to reside on the server with content of their choosing - a
dangerous situation - and the attacker can even control to some extent the
name of the file or key where this data will be placed.

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