> Okay Gents and Ladies,
> I am looking for more information on how best to do this.
> I have a MyQSL back end.
> It houses a users user_name and password.
> I have a secure area of the site that I only want members to view.
> The way I have it now is that the user logs in.
> If user_name and password match cookies are set.
> Each page in the secure are checks for a variable in the cookie. If set
> user can view the page, if not set the page redirects back to the login
> Now first question is - how secure is this?

Cookies are pretty secure.  I wouldn't store credit card numbers in them,
but for what you described they sound fine.

> Second question - what is a better more secure way to handle this. Then
> most importantly where do I get information on how to go about doing that?
> I know nothing about sessions and would need some good links for that

Sessions are basically just server side cookies, but you can do neat stuff
like store them in a db such MySQL.  The best place to learn about PHP
sessions is by reading the manual and writting some code:

> Also I do not know much of anything about Object Oriented Programming.

Me neither :)

> Thanks for the feedback.

No problem...

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