The problem isn't php related - its HTML.

Try changing &nbsp for  

The semicolon is, strictly speaking, required for proper HTML syntax, but IE lets you 
get away with not having it.

I guess Netscape doesn't.



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The following code shows exactly what I want in IE5 but does not in
Netscape. I have tried various combinations of slashes and quotes but can't
get it to display properly. Can anyone show me the changes I need to make.

echo "<h6>",$name, "&nbsp &nbsp", "E-mail:", "&nbsp",$email, "&nbsp
&nbsp",$date, "&nbsp &nbsp", "PostID:", "&nbsp",$id ,"</h6>";

IE5:    Debbie McNicol   E-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]      PostID:

Netscape:   Debbie McNicol  &nbspE-mail:&[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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