Greg Donald wrote:

>>>Use this to identify Netscape 4.x:
>>>if(strstr($HTTP_USER_AGENT,"Mozilla/4") &&
>>>    // is Netscape 4
>>>} else {
>>>    // is something else
>>Is that going to catch the Mozilla spoofers, like webtv and opera?
>Err, no...  if they are being spoofed then why would it?
>Open a phpinfo() page in each of the browsers you wish to correctly
>identify, then you can see what user agent you need to search for to do
>whatever with...  :)
>Greg Donald -
> | |
>I don't need to take those steps. I do have a complet browser list. The problm with 
>using plain browser detection, it doesn't work if your trying to disallow browser 
>that do not or do poor  CCS and advanced scripting. The only way is to see if they is 
>to see if they can preform advanced scripting by using. if (document.getElementById 
>&& document.createElement). If your checking for only CSSS you can skip 
>document.createElement it is only for Opera 5.



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