Thank you for your reply. I have looked at the RFC's and they are just 
too wordy without examples. I was hoping to find a nice hyperlinked html 
page with complete docs and examples...that may be hoping for too much:).

I'll be using this to generate auto-responding email messages. I'd like 
to format them with the style of my website. I don't need too much, I 
just want to know what the capabilities are.

Another programmer on the list said he would send me some code, so that 
should be a good starting point.

Steven J. Walker
Walker Effects

On Tuesday, February 19, 2002, at 02:08  PM, Nick Wilson wrote:

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> * and then Steven Walker declared....
>> Can someone tell me where to find documentation on defining mail 
>> headers
>> and formatting? I've been to, but was hoping to find something
>> a bit more friendly.
> Hi Steve, thought I'd reply offlist as my answer isn't really so hot and
> I'm intereted to see what others say.
> You need to look at the RFC? the email standard in general to get info
> on headers, I suggest a google search on 'request for comments' I'm sure
> you'll find the right place.
> What is it you want to do?
> If you just want to add some common ones to the mail() comand you do it
> buy specifying the fourth parameter like this:
> $extra="Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]";
> mail($to, $subj, $msg, $extra);
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