I'm working on a search results page. actually i have my search form and 
search results page working fine already. but i want to add something on the 
"results page". my search "results page" shows the following fields: 
lastname, firstname, middlename, yeargrad.
what i want is that the lastname results should be linked to a "more 
details" page. so for example, if i have a search result with 'garcia' as 
the lastname..i click on that and i should be transferred to a page showing 
me more details of that garcia..showing me more than just his/her 
firstname,middlename, and yeargrad.

What should i use as my sql statement for the "more details" page? And how 
do i tell the detail page to show which records to retrieve and display?
By the way, here's part of the code that i have for the results page:

// <?php
//   include_once ("connect.php");
//   $sql = "Select * from alumni where yeargrad = ('$search') OR lastname 
like ('%$search%') OR country like ('%$search%') order by lastname";
//   $rs = mysql_query($sql,$db);
//   if (!$r = mysql_fetch_object($rs)) {
//         echo "No record found. Please try again.";
//   exit;
//   }
//   $rs = mysql_query($sql,$db);
//   while ($r = mysql_fetch_object($rs)){
//   echo "<br>$r->lastname";
//   }
// ?>

if anyone can please help me. thanks.

// MM Fernandez

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