Well im relativly new to the apache environment but I have gotten a huge
grasp on it through my use of ASP and IIS.  Sure there are some stark
differences but I can tell you that I can already duplicate my rather
advanced sometimes ASP applications into php.  In the short time I have had
it running on my corporate web serversand implemented in most of the same
roles that I had IIS and MSSQL, I have been able to realize huge SLA gains
over MS.  I would suggest going with it if you are looking for a mission
ciritcal server combo that will not require much of the same attentativness
(if its a word) that the recent virus and exploit outbreaks in MS have

My 2 cents....

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> * and then Jack declared....
> > Dear All
> > I had Setup a Website in a IIS Server 4.0, but i just want to know what
> > the different between the Apache Server and IIS server?
> IIS sucks and Apache doesn't in a nutshell. Tons of exploits possible in
> IIS not so many in Apache, better support for Apache and better docs
> regarding PHP and Apache. LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
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