I don't understand how the 'ticks' works:       please help me.

// A function that records the time when it is called
function profile ($dump = FALSE)
    static $profile;

    // Return the times stored in profile, then erase it
    if ($dump) {
        $temp = $profile;
        unset ($profile);
        return ($temp);

    $profile[] = microtime ();

// Set up a tick handler

// Initialize the function before the declare block
profile ();

// Run a block of code, throw a tick every 2nd statement
declare (ticks=2) {
    for ($x = 1; $x < 50; ++$x) {
        echo similar_text (md5($x), md5($x*$x)), "&lt;br&gt;";

// Display the data stored in the profiler
print_r (profile (TRUE));

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