- When the user triggers the event, store their user name, email or 
whatever along with a timestamp in your site's database (if it has one) or 
in some text file some place. 

- Write a cron script that runs every five minutes, every minute, every 
hour, whatever. When this script runs, it reads the aforementioned 
database, text file, etc. and checks the timestamps and the user data.

- If the data found by the above script (the timestamp and the user data) 
matches a certain criteria (i.e. the timestamp is 5 hours old, or whatever 
your delay is) and sends out the email appropriately, then deletes or 
otherwise updates that record, so it doesn't try again when it runs the 
next time.


Webmaster Mbtradingco wrote:

> Hi:
> I was wondering if it is posible to make in PHP a cron job, that will
> trigger an event (i.e. send an e-mail) long after the process of the
> data has taken place, like programming an e-mail to go out, on an
> specified date.
> My question is, since the script is run and triggered by the user, how
> can u trigger the later sending of the mail?
> Thanks.

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