Have you considered PHPLIB?




The docs'll give you an idea of how they did it. The code is pretty 
complex, though, but it does a lot. I'd suggest using this as a base, 
if PHP4's session handling isn't sufficient. I use it, with my own 
hacks for my authorization needs.


At 8:38 AM -0800 2/20/02, Brandon Orther wrote:
>I loosely understand how I can have a person login to a system by giving
>them a cookie with a certain amount of time with a encrypted code.  And
>save that same encrypted code in the database for a certain amount of
>time.  I am looking for a tutorial on how to do this so I can wrap my
>mind around it a little better.
>If anyone knows a good tutorial on how to log people into your site
>using a userser database please hook me upZ wiT da Inf0z
>Brandon Orther
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