M.E. Suliman wrote

> Is it possible to convert a PHP script that writes and pulls data from a
>mySQL database to use text files / database instead. 
Yes it is but you could have a job on your hands depending on the 
complexity of the script. Personally I favour PHP's serialization 
capabilities for flat file work - you can take pretty much any object or 
array (or an array of objects, you can nest them as much as you like) 
and use serialize() to turn it into a string. You can then save the 
string in a text file, and later on re-read it and unserialize it to get 
your original data structure back.

However, if the script you are investigating makes heavy use of SQL join 
syntax you could have a very nasty job on your hands coming up with data 
structures that can be "queried" in the same way without performance 
becoming an issue.


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