I've encountered a little  (I hope) problem

I can put an anchor on a page to create an internal link writing
<a name="my_anchor"> and then reach it with a normal link writing
echo "<a href=\"page.php#my_anchor\">go to my_anchor</a>";

but to me is necessary to add a variabale to this link
usually I write somthing like this:
echo "<a href=\"page.php?variable=" . $my_variable . "\">go to</a>";

how can I pass either the internal anchor and the variable in the url?

I tried in many ways
echo "<a href=\"page.php#my_anchor?variable=" . $my_variable . "\">go to</a>";
echo "<a href=\"page.php?variable=" . $my_variable . "#my_anchor\">go to</a>";
but nothing to do;
can someone help me?

Many thank in advance


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