(not tested but...) something like:

$string = ereg_replace("\([0-9]* Test\)", "", $string);

if you want to keep the backets, then:

$string = ereg_replace("\([0-9]* Test\)", "()", $string);


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what do you have so far ?

at least you need to 'replace', and I recommend
perl style preg_replace() which is very powerfull.

then you need an expressions that matches the
'(001 Test)' part, how to do this can be found in
the manual, however here's a small tip:

/[0-9]+/  matches a series of one or more numbers


On Wed, 20 Feb 2002 14:24:33 -0800, Brian Paulson wrote:

>       What would the regular expression be to remove all the text
>between  (  )
>$string = "This is a (001 Test) and (002 Test)";
>The numbers always change but the word stays the same 
>Any help would be appreciated.
>Thank You
>Brian Paulson
>Sr. Web Developer
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