It doesn't seem to me like this is an issue... isn't the timestamp just
the local unix time?  It is on my LAN server.

The issue I have is that

echo date('d M Y H:m:s','1014261839');
produces 21 Feb 2002 14:02:59 on my LOCAL machine

echo date('d M Y H:m:s','1014260440');
produces 20 Feb 2002 21:02:40 on my LIVE server.

this is a difference of around 17 hours (i ran both scripts within 5
seconds of each other)

however 1014261839 - 1014260440 = just 1399 seconds.

so where am I going wrong?

there's either an issue with:

a) time()
b) date()
c) the subtraction of one timestamp from another

that i'm not aware of.


Billy S Halsey wrote:
> Justin,
> Take a look at the gettimeofday() function, which returns the timezone
> and daylight-savings-time values for the system.
> -bsh

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