I created a librairy with configuration setting: background color, font size, 
customer's name, etc. Like this:

$bgcolor = "#ffffff";
$co = "ABC enterprise";

A second file is building html page headders:

function title($name_section,$name_page){
print "<br><br>\n";
print font_titre3."$co</font><br><br>\n";
print font_titre2."$name_section</font><br>\n";
print font_titre2."$name_page</font>\n";
print "<br><br>\n";

Finnaly, I call the title function in a web page to dynamicly create the code:

echo title("General presentation","The annual report");

My problem (you guessed it!) is that the file lib_intra.inc is beeing processed 
by php (when callled by my web page test.php) and the 2 variables are sent ok 
but NOT the $co wich is in the 1st file (lib_config.inc). Of course my 
lib_intra.inc has a: require ("lib_config.inc");

Because I dont want to duplicate infos that are used in many files, the 
lib_config.inc is important and must be called to supply the data I need.

How can I set this so all the variables will be process under php?

Thanks to all!
Marc André Paquin

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