Lars Torben Wilson wrote:

>On Thu, 2002-02-21 at 09:45, James Nord wrote:
>>How do I get PHP to output an HTML tag instead of and XML tag when using 
>>trans_sid and a form in PHP.
>> php outputs
>><input type="hidden" name="sessionName" value="sessionID" />
>>but I don't want the trailing /
>I already told you how in the bug system: use output buffering to 
>catch the output and remove the slash. 
Hmm I didn't get an email copy of your reply and I was expecting one :-/

>But you'd be *breaking*
>compliance with this.
Yes you are right about the HTML conformance my bad.

But I would only be breaking conformance for XHTML/XML output - which 
I'm not using in any case.
As you point out HTML can "take it or leave it"

Unfortunatly I know some that need to leave it.

>If you would state exactly what the problem with the slash being
>there is, perhaps we could help you.
The HTML renderer  that comes with Java (jfc) renders the '>' due to the 
'/' being before it.  There may well be others (or older browser 
versions too) that choke on it .

Oh well - output buffers it is then...


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