dunno about using eval() but this worked - not as elegant as I'd want it,
but it works

class test
  function user_func($f, $a, $b) { $z = $this->$f;  return ($z ? $z($a, $b)
: null); }
$blah = new test;
$blah->new_func = create_function('$a,$b', 'return $a+$b;');
echo $blah->user_func("new_func", 3, 4);
echo $blah->user_func("none", 3, 4);


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No there really isn't.  I wrote an extension that does it for me, but
I am waiting to see what the second zend engine will have for this
rather that using my hack.  Maybe check the Zend Engine 2 mailing list
to see what the future may hold.


Mika Tuupola wrote:
>         Is there a way to create/add methods runtime to a class via
>         constructor or static factory method? I know it is possible
>         to create functions runtime using eval() or create_function()
>         but I havent been able to make them appear as methods for
>         a class.
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