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> I want to define a variable that I can reference on ALL of my PHP pages.
> Ideally, I'd like to do it in php.ini or some similar place so that I can
> modify it as I place code on different systems, but not need to make changes
> in lots of different places.
> I looked at the Configuration section of the manual, did web searches, tried
> getenv() and using the OS environment (we're mixed Windows and UNIX boxes,
> using Apache and mysql and PHP 4.1.1), and had zero luck. I was hoping that
> getenv() or _ENV[] would have worked. I tried creating something in php.ini
> by simply adding a line, with no luck.
> Is there some way of doing this?
> Warrick

Have you considered using an auto-prepended file with the relevant values 
assigned in it? 

David Robley
Temporary Kiwi!

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