Hi there.

This must be a curious question,  but I want to know...

Recently I've checked several globals, how it is overwritten.

the globals are $PHP_SELF and $PHP_AUTH_USER.

the first time, $PHP_AUTH_USER.
This is overwritten by the http GET values when such a following uri. (and
Post will be so.)

This case is tested under PHP Version 3.0.18-i18n-ja-2.

but is not overwritten under  PHP Version 4.0.3pl1

the second, $PHP_SELF.
This is not overwritten by the http GET values when such a following uri.

This is true both under PHP Version 4.0.3pl1 and PHP Version

the difference is probably that PHP_AUTH_USER is value from http request
 (="Authorization" header), but PHP_SELF is server side, I think.

though, such above behavior with each global is the intended spec of PHP?
Or Simply by the order of the evaluation in internal for these values?

I tested with my test servers.
my test server configuration, php.ini is defined with each

PHP3: register_globals (none. not defined.)
PHP4: register_globals = on

I've cheked with phpinfo() also.

Any opinion will be appreciated.


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