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> Question 1:
> How can I append strings to my authors array?
> Me thinks this doesn't work :§) ?
> $authors .= explode(";", $mydata->KW);
> I'm getting "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"
> Question 2:
> Once I get this working, I want to (a) alphabetise the contents of the
> array, (b) count repititions, (c) elimintate copies, and create an array
> I can print with tow things "$author[i]\t$counter[i]", so I end up with
> something like:

See the array handling functions to resolve some of these problems.

> Adam    2
> Louis    5
> John    3
> Mary    8
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> $myconnection = mysql_connect($server,$user,$pass);
> mysql_select_db($db,$myconnection);
> $news = mysql_query("select KW from $table");
> while ($mydata = mysql_fetch_object($news))
> {
> $authors .= explode(";", $mydata->KW);

Presumably your error is occurring here; it would seem that the content 
of $mydata->KW is not such that explode will create an array. There may 
be cases perhaps where you do not have a series of authors names 
separated by semicolons? You may have to add a test for the case where 
$authors is not an array.
> }
> foreach ($authors as $author)
> {
> echo "$author<br>\n";
> }
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I'm learning, slowly but surely Martin :)

I think this has already been said, but it seems there is scope to 
restructure your tables in such a manner as to be able to handle a lot of 
these problems with SQL from a properly designed database. Frinstance you 
might have a structure that has a main table with a unique ID, the 
abstract info, title, publisher etc and a separate table with author name 
and ID of the main table entry.

Just at a guess, you are/have imported this information from a 
bibliographic package of some sort?

David Robley
Temporary Kiwi!

Quod subigo farinam

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