You  could use a plain form and JavaScript to do this.

It's fairly simple and it makes for nice little progress bars and graphs and other 
'realtime' info.

A few tips:

- first output the form (completely)
- use *implicit* flushing when outputting your JS.
- use a new <SCRIPT> .. </SCRIPT> part every time you sent commands (for Netscape)
- do all calculations and stuff in PHP, minimize your JS code to something like 
echo("document.myform.mytext.value = '" . addslashes($newval) . "';\n");
- try to do updates 'smartly', i.e. on when the values *really* change, and not with 
infinite speed.


On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 23:00:30 -0500, Leif K-Brooks wrote:

>I was wondering if there's any way to display a value to the user that keeps
>changing?  I know about flush(), but that just prints it out before the
>script ends, but doesn't display it in one place.  Is there a way? 

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