I have a really simple guestbook that allows someone to post to the book, 
then it displays all the entries.  Well, there are too many entries now for 
just one page and it looks kinda wacky, so I wanted to do something where it 
only displays 10 entries per page, then there are links for pages say 11-20, 
21-30, etc.   I have no idea how to do this - I only know how to limit the 
number of entries per page.  So, the script that displays all the entries 
looks something like this:

$counter = 0;
$result = mysql_query("select name, post from guestbook order by id desc", 

while (($myrow = mysql_fetch_row($result)) && ($counter < 10)) {
   echo "<TR><TD>$myrow[0]</TD></TR>\n";
   echo "<TR><TD>$myrow[1]</TD></TR>\n";

Well, that shows only the latest 10 alright, but what if I wanted to show 
entries 11-20?  I figure I could get the number of posts through 
mysql_num_rows, I just can't piece it all together.  Any suggestions would be 
really helpful.

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