I had suffered a little bit with sendmail myself last
week. It took me some reading, and I got it working
the second day.

Here is a useful link:

Also, check out the book titled "Essential System

That should be all you need -- if you decide to setup
sendmail... :)

--- Liam MacKenzie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> ARGH!!!
> I'm seriously sick of this!  I've spent days on end
> reading 
> documentation, trying settings, seeking help, and it
> still 
> won't bloody work!  So I've taken the ultimate step,
> and 
> applied the trusty rm -rf command to everything that
> has 
> to do with sendmail!
> In other words, sendmail is no longer on my systems.
> Screw it, causes more bad than good!  
> Ok, now surprisingly enough I do have a final
> question 
> regarding PHP/Mail (And I mean final!)
> How can I get PHP to send mail through a local SMTP
> server?
> I'm running Linux RedHat 7.1, latest Apache and PHP.
> I have eXtremail installed locally.  It's a
> server.  Works fine - fact.
> There's 3 configuration options in php.ini that I've
> been 
> playing with, no matter what the combination is, I
> don't 
> really see it doing anything different.
> I've read everything relevant on php.net and still
> can't
> find anything.  I'm sorry if this is a really stupid
> question.
> Thanks soooo much for all your help!
> Liam

Anas Mughal
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