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It should be pointed out that even with this syntax, the database will still
scour all of the rows in the table.  The only savings is that the database
won't return all of these rows due to the limit statement.

It might be more efficient to use min and max to determine which row in the
database is before and after the desired row, and then only fetch those
rows.  This can easily done with subselects, but since MySQL does not
support them one will have to use multiple queries to piece it together.  Of
course, if your table is small then this is mostly irrelevant anyway.

It might also be worthwhile to note that this code can be made into one
query with the UNION statement.  However, MySQL doesn't support that part of
SQL either (although the documentation says that it's provided in version
4.X ).

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Yes, but how to get ONLY the 3 records you need ?
Because often in an application, you don't care about the other records.
In this case AFAIK, there is no other solution than issuing at least two
queries :

SELECT * FROM table WHERE field<='ID00025' ORDER BY field DESC LIMIT 2
SELECT * FROM table WHERE field>'ID00025' ORDER BY field ASC LIMIT 1
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> > It seems worst to me because in your case mysql has to retrieve all the
> > rows. If it's a table with 1 million records or more, this should hurt
> As I said, it was pseudo code.  Now, imagine that you were just
> getting the records for a particular user?  a particular application?
> Where there won't be millions and millions of rows?
> Chris
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