I have a friend with a PhotoLibrary web site.

I am trying to automate some of his work. I tried to create a PHP
script/program? that
would check for missing files and upload. I am testing on my laptop with

It all works if I give the ftp routine that does the ftp_connect a hostname
i.e. Localhost
or the name of my machine. But if I use it fails to connect.
Ideally I would
like to use $HTTP_REMOTE_ADDR to set the address but as it insist on the
I am stuck. Ideally I would like to run the script and have the ftp server
on the machine that
he uses to dial into the ISP i.e. Dynamically allocated IP address. I
suspect that his ISP
is not going to resolve an address to such a machine.

Any ideas ?

Thanks Keith

Keith , Jenny & Family Sloan

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