Hi Guys,

I have some images stored in my MySql database that I'd like to display on
the bottom of my HTML page.  However, whenever I attempt to display the
images using the follow code:

$getPhoto = mysql_fetch_object($result);
$Type = $getPhoto->type;
Header("Content-type: $Type");
$Body = $getPhoto->body;
echo $Body;

I get an error that states: "Cannot add header information - headers already
sent by...".
Now I understand why I'm getting the error.  What I'd like to know is how to
get around it?  Basically what I want is the image in the DB to be displayed
like any regular image would be on an HTML page, i.e. <img
src="imageGoesHere" height="x"  width="x" border="x">.  However, I still
need to pass the HTML headers.

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